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The big change

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Hey everyone!! Welcome to my new online store/blog! There has been so many changes in my world including being pregnant with my 3rd child and changing the shops name from Archer & Antlers to Sem label. This was a big change that I thought long and hard about.

sēm /seam/

To appear to be something or to do something : to have a quality, appearance that shows or suggests a particular characteristic or feeling.

A line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together.

The reason for the change was because Archer & Antlers only included one of my children and since we're going to have 3 that just doesn't seem very fair. Archer's birth was the initial spark to the shop but he alone is definitely not the reason it has kept going. Sophia (my oldest) has so much zest for life and fashion so she is just as much of a contributor if not more.

I've also been contemplating what my shops philosophy and meaning for existing is. Textiles are one of the worlds biggest contributors to landfills so why do we need one more shop contributing to this in our fast fashion world? I came to the conclusion that being apart of this small shop world is so important: quality goods made in sustainable quantities. My goal is to create a well made garment in a sustainable way for you that will last endless wears and hopefully be passed on to another child. The new name stems from this.

Seem - fast fashion appears to have a quality and advertising makes it seem like it's so important to change our wardrobes constantly but it's not, especially when it's harming our environment. Sēm label will give you a sustainably made garment that you can feel good about supporting. Don't get me wrong I LOVE clothes especially for my littles but not at the cost of our environment. Then there's the seam, it holds the garment together and it's so important. The double meaning is what brought about Sēm label. What fashion appears to be and the importance of the seam.

I truly am sorry to all those who will be sad Archer & Antlers is gone but I promise Sēm label will not disappoint. It is going to encompass many new things like this blog and better interaction with you guys! I am so extremely thankful for all your support from the start and please if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the shop send me an email! 

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