Our Story


Sem label was founded in November 2015 by me (Kelsey Medynski). I am a mother of soon to be 3! The shop initially started out as Archer & Antlers which was based off my son Archer who helped inspire this shops creation. Though we loved the name, I decided to change it due to expecting my 3rd child and it not really being fair that only one of my children got to be included. The shop has grown and changed in many ways since it began so as I contemplated what the shop was about and what direction it was going in the name Sem label was found. Please read my first blog post for the lengthy version of its meaning! 

Sem label is based on caring for the environment and creating a well made garment that is made out of sustainable fabrics in a sustainable way (this is why most items are still made to order so we don't waste!).

The shop is still mostly run by me, Kelsey! With help from an amazing seamstress/blogger Sarah Cameron (find her on IG @sarahjoycameron). Without her help it would take over 6 weeks to get your orders to you. She is a valued member of my team and she does impeccable work! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the shops story! Hope you love my creations!

xoxo Kelsey