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Our Story

 Sustainability meets minimalistic fashion. Creator, Kelsey Medynski, has always had a love for fashion and design. Growing up in a small northern Alberta town, she enrolled in a Toronto fashion design school but decided against it due to the unknowns and also wanting a family centred life. Fast forward 10 years and after having her own children, her drive and creativity started sēm label in March of 2017. Sēm label is thoughtfully created designs, inspired by minimalism and longevity in style.
      Realizing that textiles have a huge impact on the environment, Kelsey evolved the brand into focusing on ethically and sustainably made garments in hopes of making a positive impact on the fashion industry. She believes in making a better world for her 3 littles and hopes the brand's influence will help make a global change. This is where the name sēm label stems from, the double meaning of seem/seam. 
"Sēm/Seam - To appear to be something or to do something : to have a quality, appearance that shows or suggest a particular characteristic or feeling. 
A line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together."
      The definition of seem describes fashion to a T. Clothing appears to be something or to have this strong quality that suggest a individuals characteristic but at what cost? Fashion needs to become conscious of its world around it and be a seam that holds it together.