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Proudly Made in Canada 
KEM'S FASHION INC. It is a family-owned apparel manufacturing company based in Calgary (since September 2016). This is a project that originated in Italy before immigrating to Alberta in 2015. The couple Marlyse and Thierry Kouembi ambition to open a small garment production company because of their experience in Italy. “The difficulty is great when we face the workforce.” Thanks to the ideas of Erwan Orger (CDEA) and FuturePreneur, we decide to start at home with the funding obtained and see how things evolve.

Through our perseverance and hard work, we now produce for local brands with the help of the talented Syrian population in Calgary.
In addition, for local fashion designers we facilitate the process of production lines or clothing collection. We hope to be at the beginning of a great adventure, and wish to contribute to the development of the sustainable clothing industry in the Alberta region thanks to all those resource people who have migrated to this beautiful western land of the ‘America.